6 Steps to become a front-end developer? complete Roadmap to web development.

While web design is that the way an website looks, front development is how that style actually gets implemented on the online . Hey, Guys, I'm Bhupesh and in this post, I will see 6 Steps to become a front-end developer? complete Roadmap to web development. now before we begin this session let's have a look at today's agenda so first, we will discuss who is a front-end developer and then we will see what are the front-end developer job trends and these salary trends and moving on we will have a look at the different roles and responsibilities of a front-end developer and finally, I will give you a roadmap on how to become a front-end developer and finally we will have a look at some of the top companies hiring for front-end developers.

1. Who is a Front-End Developer

 Now a front-end developer is really someone who implements the online designs through programming languages like HTML CSS and JavaScript now the front-end developers work with the planning and outlook of the website whereas the back-end developers work on what actually goes behind the scenes like the databases so if you head to any website you can see the work off a front-end developer in the navigation layouts and also the way our site looks different from your phone now web design is all about the way our website looks while the front-end development is how this design actually gets implemented on the web site now the front-end developer is the person who is responsible for this implementation so now that you know who is a front-end developer.

2.How To Become a Front-End developer

How to become a front-end developer and what are the different skills that are required to become a front-end developer now if you have a look at the current job listings for front-end developers you will see that there is a clear and common pool of skills that the employers are looking for now most of the times people get Thinking about where to start from and what are the skills they need to master for their preferred job role so let's have a look at the roadmap that will help you find the path that you need to follow in order to become a front-end developer now talking about the roadmap the first step is to get a bachelor's degree now you can get a bachelor's degree in computer science and once you have completed your grad you can master all the important skills that are required to become a front-end developer basically you need to have the skill set where you will have the idea on how to design and how to build a website or how to make it look good now it's not just about the visuals you need a lot of technical skills in order to build a website which is not stagnant now there are different technical skills that you simply got to possess to become a front-end developer.

3.Responsibilities & Roles of Front-End Developer

Now moving on let's talk about some of the Roles and responsibilities that a front-end developer has so if you're working as a front-end developer in a company some of the common rules include that you have to manage some complex details about projects which also require analyzing design requirements recommending technical solutions to make your project scalable maintainable and efficient as well you also need to interpret requirements and create project plans to meet schedule and equality goals as well not just that you have to work across teams to identify and solve problems also you need to debug websites to fix mistakes in the code to make sure that they are error-free for network administrator's and the end users now apart from all of these you need to be efficient with tools like a personal computer popular software such as a word processor notepad programming language editors and different browser setups to check website errors across platforms you must have the working knowledge of several programming languages and able to adopt new versions of the software also you must be proficient in using the office applications and have advanced knowledge in databases and networks now these were some of the common roles and responsibilities that you need to fulfill as a front-end developer. but how do you fulfill these responsibilities now for that you need a certain skill set?

4.Jobs on Front-End development

let's move on and have a look at the different Job trends related to front-end development so here is a list of the number of jobs available in different locations in the US according to indeed.com so here you can see that you have around thousand 46 jobs open for a front-end developer in New York there you have around 698 in situ and 659 in San Francisco for Chicago the number goes down to 532 and in Washington, you have around 478 jobs available as a front-end developer.

5.salaries of Front-End Developer

so let's have a look at the salary of a front-end developer now talking about the salary the average salary for a front-end developer is around 4 lakh 94 thousand in India. where is talking about the salary range in the USA a senior front-end developer earns around $100,000 on an average and a junior front-end developer has an average income of $70,000 now these front-end web developers have one of the most bankable skill sets on the job market today so according to Glassdoor the national median income for front-end developers tops more than $70,000 in markets.

Now talking about the skills required for a front-end developer.

#Html & Css -  HTML  is the hypertext markup language is the most basic building block required for creating website and CSS that is cascading style sheets this language used for presenting the document you create with HTML. Html is also used for creating the foundation of your page where the CSS is used to create the layout of the page the colors fonts and style and both of these languages are absolutely essential to becoming a front-end developer. "

#jQuery & JavaScript - "jQuery & JavaScript is the important language for a front-end developer so if you are trying to add features in your website such as audio and video games scrolling abilities page animation javascript is the tool that you need now javascript consists of libraries like jQuery and it is a collection of plugins and extensions that make it faster and easier to use the JavaScript on your website and jQuery takes common tasks that require multiple lines of J's code and compresses them into a format which will be executed with one line.

#Frameworks - now the next thing that you need to be well-versed with are the frameworks so CSS and JavaScript frameworks are collections of CSS or JavaScript files that perform different tasks by providing common functionality instead of starting with an empty text document so you start with a code file that has lots of JavaScript present already in it next up is the responsive design so we use different gadgets like computers phones and tablets to look at web these webpages adjust themselves to the device that you are using without any extra effort from your end now this is due to the responsive design so it is an intrinsic part of CSS frameworks like the bootstrap.

#Version control & Gate - Now the next one is version control or gate so version control is the process of tracking and controlling changes to your source code it is a tool that you simply can use to trace the changes made previously in order that you'll return to a previous version of your work and determine what went wrong without tearing the whole thing down so this just makes your work easier.

#Testing & Debugging - Now the next important thing that you need to know is testing or debugging now a front-end developer must possess the skill and ability to test and debug codes there are different testing methods for web development functional testing looks at a specific piece of functionality on your site and ensures it does everything consistent with the code whereas unit testing is another method that tests the smallest bit of code and examines it individually for a correct operation now testing is definitely a big part of the front-end development process and there are frameworks to assist you.

#Browser Developer Tools - Now the browser developer tools usually consists of an inspector and a JavaScript console the inspector allows you to see what the runtime HTML on your page seems like what CSS is related to each element on the page and also allows you to edit your HTML and CSS and see the changes live as they happen next comes the web performance now it is very important to make sure that your website performs smoothly without any glitch where performance defines the amount of time it takes for your site to load and programs like grunt and gulp can be used to automate the image optimization CSS in JavaScript minifying and other web performance cores it basically helps making your website more efficient then comes the CSS pre-processing now CSS preprocessor is a complicated version of CSS now this is often mostly wont to enhance the first class of CSS to create better versions of websites it is not just a language to improve the styling elements but it helps you developers to skip tasks like writing CSS selectors and color strings frequently.

#GUI (Graphical User interface) - GUI is an important part of web development and coding as well but an all-purpose GUI is going to have its limitations for some specific applications sometimes you may need to open a terminal on your computer where you can enter typed commands or command lines to get what you need although the majority of your work is completed through a GUI you'll add serious credibility to your front-end skills

non-technical fields that will help you in growing your career.

#Non -technical skills - we've a misconception that the developers are only required to form user interfaces effectively but to make efficient products it's also important to speak with the clients and crass ideas so you should be well versed with verbal and vocal communication skills now also to work with the team you need to possess the basic lessons of the team working - and one thing that all developers must-have regardless of the job description or official title it's the excellent problem-solving skills so from figuring out the way to best implement a design to fixing bugs that happen - deciding the way to make your front-end code work with the backend code being implemented development is all about creative problem-solving so this was your guide to become a front-end developer.

6.Companies for front-end developer 

 Top companies hiring for front-end developers now talking about some of the top MNCs that are hiring for front-end developers the companies include cab my IBM Accenture, Tcs consultancy services, Oracle, neo soft technologies, Chen pact, and many more.

if you would like to become a front-end developer now do not forget to allow us to realize your opinion within the comment section below till then many thanks and happy learning.


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