7 Most Essential Tools For Web Development in 2021

Hey guys welcome to this post by Bhupesh, websites are embedded with our everyday lives we use them for everything we buy things on the internet we post things on the internet but to develop that we need web development so guys in this article we'll be looking into the tools which are required for web development so as I told you there are some top tools which we'll be discussing so in this session we'll be discussing the top seven tools which are helpful for web developers.

7 Most Essential Tools For Web Development in 2021


1.Text editor/Ide

A text editor or an ide and it is a very well known tool which is called visual studio code so visual studio code or vs code is one of the most popular and one of the best tools for web development it is mostly said as one of the best ideas for web development so there are a lot of reasons why it is the best first reason is that it is available for all the major operating systems like windows mac and Linux also it has a wide set of extensions, for example, it already has an inbuilt extension for node.js as well as it has extensions for other languages like c sharp for PHP or for java. and also there are some similar tools for this there is atom there is sublime text and there is notepad ++ you can do more research on those. 

2.JavaScript framework 

The second tool we are going to look into is reacted which is a javascript framework so first of all, it is gaining popularity in the year 2020 in the front end development world it was created by Facebook and once it was created it gained popularity in a short time one of the reasons it got popular is react native which is a mobile application platform so what it does is it combines the capabilities of reacting as native computing capabilities so basically you can create an application for android ios and web using react-native. so according to google trends in the last five years under programming and javascript frameworks so react is gaining a lot of popularity over the other javascript frameworks so what are the similar tools like react there is a view there is angular and there is ember and there are similar tools you can go and research about that.


so now let's move on to the third tool the next tool we are going to look into is called Django again it is a web application framework so Django is a python based web framework that is used to do a quick development of APIs and web applications so it provides an amazing capability of creating back-end web applications with maximum coding because it uses python programming language as we know python is one of the most used and one of the most famous programming languages in the world.


so the fourth tool is a CSS framework called bootstrap, bootstrap is one of the most popular and it is one of the most used CSS frameworks so bootstrap was created by Twitter and bootstrap basically comprises of Html CSS jquery and javascript and you can use it to make dynamic websites out of nothing so they already have pre-built codes you can directly use them to create your website even a beginner in web development can start off with bootstrap if they want to develop dynamic websites with various cool features so there are other features as well so as I told you there are inbuilt components.


so the fifth tool is called yarn so the yarn was created by Facebook and once it got created it got really popular and got love from the community because of its superior speed and reliability compared to the other package managers so it made npm lose a lot of popularity and right now yarn is the most popular in the industry so, first of all, let me give you a few examples why yarn is really popular the first is workspaces so yarn provides workspaces which is basically a feature where you can split a project into multiple sub-components within a repository itself the second one is reading from multiple registries it is also compatible with npm as told it is compatible with npm also you can upload your own package also you can connect your GitHub repository to upload packages from there as well so that's why it is really gaining a lot of popularity the first one is workspaces.

6. Github

so now let's look at the next tool now we'll be looking into the sixth tool which is a git client so obviously, the popular tool is GitHub so GitHub is a version control tool that uses the git workflow and GitHub is a subsidiary of Microsoft since the year 2018. also as i told you GitHub is the most popular and it is used for collaborating with development teams within your company or you can collaborate with open source project makers so apart from source code hosting there are other features to GitHub as well. if you don't want to use that you can download the desktop application and also start using that so this is Github there are similar tools like bitbucket git Kraken and source tree you can look into that.

7. Adobe Dreamweaver 

Our final tool which you are going to look into is a web designing tool called adobe Dreamweaver so adobe Dreamweaver is one of the most popular web design tools available so first of all it provides you two different kinds of editors the visual editor and the Html editor so you can build websites without having to know much about programming itself for example if you do not even know Html you can go with the visual editor to create your website which will have a source code automatically if you know Html you can also input using Html so finally you also have other abilities so first of all it has git enabled in it so that you can upload your source code directly from Dreamweaver into the remote repository so you can upload it directly to the remote repository and also push the content into Dreamweaver from other repositories as well also it's not a free software it is a private software if you want to make a career in web designing it is a good bet to invest in Dreamweaver there are other similar tools called bix there is WordPress.

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